It is widely acknowledged that transition from school can be a confusing, sometimes stressful stage in anybody’s life – no less for a young person with a disability.

In order to make this process as positive as possible for our students and families, Allenvale has a dedicated Transition Team in place. It is important to take a holistic view of the transition process.

Transition incorporates, where appropriate:

  • Education
  • Training options
  • Community participation
  • Future living
  • Social and leisure activities

The Transition Team work closely with students and their families/whanau from 15 years of age to plan a pathway where goals and dreams are recognised and strengths and challenges acknowledged. The necessary skills for the future are identified and the foundations for a meaningful and rewarding life are put in place.

In order to make informed choices it is important to offer a variety of experiences. Both academic and practical elements of the student are acknowledged with learning taking place both in school and the wider community. Where possible, student’s aspirations will be realised through the provision of opportunities to attend relevant courses. This is often in tertiary settings if the student is over 16 years of age. They will also be provided with a range of work experiences to help them identify vocational interests and goals for the future. From there they can begin to develop a positive work place ethic.

The transition process is implemented through the creation of an Individualised Transition Plan with the student and their family/whanau at the centre. This is a working document which evolves during the time a student is at school and becomes a vehicle to the next stage in their life. It becomes more specific and focussed as the student moves closer to the next step – post school.

Transition planning is a team process. The team includes the:

  • Student at the centre
  • Family/whanau
  • Transition and teaching staff
  • Therapy and medical staff
  • Adult service providers
  • Community support staff (as appropriate)

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