Therapists at Allenvale School provide a range of therapies based on the students’ needs and in consultation with the school staff and parents.

They work as part of the school team to help develop and implement appropriate programmes that will enable our students to access the curriculum and to develop living skills.


This service includes:

  • Assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Liaison with other agencies and community specialists
  • Provision of resources
  • Provision of specialised equipment
  • Advice, guidance and support for school staff and parents/caregivers

The following specialists’ services may be provided:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Language Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Psychology

Occupational Therapy/Whakaora ngangahau:

The Occupational Therapist works with students to reach their potential across a range of school occupations including self-care, daily life skills, play, accessing the curriculum, joining in with class activities and being ready to learn.

Occupational therapy session at Allenvale School

Megan Brian | Occupational Therapist |(Maternity leave)

Madison Chilton | Occupational Therapist |Full Time

Speech Language Therapy:

The Speech Language Therapy service at Allenvale School supports our students and their families with the development of functional communication skills across all environments. We also ensure students have a safe eating and drinking programme.

We take a total communication approach where all appropriate modes of communication are encouraged to maximise a student’s ability to access the curriculum and to communicate with people in his/her environment. The underlying premise of total communication is that every student as a right to use a mode/s of communication that best meets his/her needs. This may include using a variety of forms of assistive communication such as visuals, PECs, signing, communication books, and low/high tech communication devices etc.

Allenvale Speech Language Therapists/ Kaiwhakatiktika reo korero

Paula Syme Michelle King 

Paula Syme | Speech Language Therapist | Fulltime
Michelle King | Speech Language Therapist | Fulltime
Alysia Cotter | Speech Language Therapist | Part Time: Tues – Fri


The psychologist works with students, families and whanau on social emotional needs, behaviours that interfere with learning and issues relating to specific diagnosis and mental health.

psychology session at Allenvale School

Cate Desmond | Psychologist | Part Time: Tues & Thurs


The Physiotherapist works with students to maximise their physical abilities, manage their physical needs and provide and monitor equipment needs. The Physiotherapist also works as part of a team on the physical safety of students and staff.

physiotherapy session at Allenvale School

Robyn Newton | Physiotherapist | Part time: Monday – Thursday

Music Therapy/ Whakaora puoro

The Music Therapist works collaboratively with the team, using music as the intervention to support the needs and learning of our students, particularly in the areas of developing preverbal communication skills, supporting sensory and emotional needs, and improving social and physical skills.

physiotherapy session at Allenvale School

Jenny Lee | Music Therapist | Part time: Mon – Thurs

Specialists can be contacted during school hours via the school office on Ph. 03 351 6743

How can my child receive help from the Specialists’ Services?

A referral can be made to the specialists’ services team by teachers, other specialists and family. If you would like a referral for your child discuss the issue with their teacher or specialist and request that a referral is made. The teacher or specialist will write a referral on your behalf. You may request further referrals and support if needed in the future.

What happens next?

The referral will be accepted if we can help. If we are unable to help we will try to find someone who can.

Your child’s referral will be prioritised by need and added to the specialist’s waiting list.

Your rights as a health and disability consumer

  • Your child and family have the right to be treated with respect
  • The right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation
  • The right to services of an appropriate standard
  • The right to effective communication
  • The right to be fully informed
  • The right to make an informed choice and give informed consent
  • The right to support
  • Rights in respect of teaching or research
  • The right to complain