Who we are

We are a small friendly group of parents/caregivers and teachers who get together once or twice a term.

We organise a few events for parents/caregivers and teachers to get together around. We also do a little fundraising. We are well supported by the school community, many of whom help us out with our fundraising eventhough they don’t want the extra responsibility of attending meetings.

We have a fantastic relationship with our school administration and school board who see us as a vital part of the school community.

The annual school picnic was initiated by the PTA. We also often facilitate a morning or afternoon tea for parents and caregivers to get together during term time.

Recently we have arranged for speakers to come and address our community on topics of interest. We had Nathan Mikaere-Wallis come and talk to us about the latest research in brain development. We learnt of the impact of three things that strongly engage the whole brain and help the brain to learn – these were rhythym, laughter and song.

Olive Webb also came and spoke to us about helpign children with autism and behavioural difficulties. She spoke about the role that stress plays in accentuating difficult behaviours and spoke about the importance of seeing the world through someone else’s eyes in order to help them and the importance of empowering our kids through giving them choices and control over their environment where possible.

Both talks were very enjoyable and informative.


Our fundraisers have included raffles, sausage sizzles, children’s art calendar sales, buzz online surveys, and we also take part in the Northlands Mall Christmas giftwrapping fundraiser which is coordinated by Papanui Rotary Club.

We are currently selling the 2017/2018 Entertainment Book, just in time for Mother’s Day.  Help our fundraising by buying a membership from us, for yourself or as a gift. You’ll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time! Simply follow this link to buy your Entertainment Membership now.

We like to see that our funds are sown back into the school community in the best way possible. Last year we contributed towards school sports uniforms, paid for the two speakers presentations and donated a set amount to each class syndicate to spend as they saw fit. This was much appreciated and the money was spent on such items as cameras, puzzles, a spinny board, dress-ups, playdough, a Playstation Singstar, a Wii, a mini trainset, and other resources for classes and children.

So far this year we have decided to donate an amount to each individual classroom, and contribute to a new swingseat for behind Rooms 7 and 8.


We have been registered with the charities commission since April 2010. This means we enjoy tax free status.

We have a full set of written rules and we submit an annual return to the charities commission. Our registration number is CC44078. We also have donee organisation status so that donations made to us (over $5) are eligible for a tax credit.

Our PTA welcomes the interest and input of parents and caregivers in our community, as by networking we strengthen our ties within the school community and provide stronger advocacy and support for our children.