A Charter is:

  • A document that outlines the school’s vision and values and the important education goals and student outcomes the school is striving to meet or improve.
  • A tool to assist the board to make decisions aimed at raising student achievement.
  • A document that contains the school’s main targets for raising student achievement and the measures that will be taken to achieve these targets.

The role of the board is to prepare and maintain the school charter.


  • A strategic section that sets out, for the next three to five years, the board’s aims, objectives, directions, and priorities for raising student achievement (including any aims or objectives that designate the school’s special characteristics or its special character).
  • An annually updated section that sets out for the relevant year the board’s aims, directions, objectives and priorities relating to raising student achievement, and sets targets for the key activities and achievement of objectives for the year.

A successful charter will communicate, for the school and its wider community:

  • The steps the school is taking to improve learning outcomes for all their students.
  • The school’s vision and direction, its goals for the long and short term.
  • Its approach to meeting its legal responsibilities.
  • The school’s approach to meeting national and local priorities for education.