Board of Trustees

The role of the board of trustees is to oversee the governance of Allenvale School.

The board decides on policy matters and establishes operating procedures which then become the responsibility of the school’s management, through the principal, to implement and maintain. The board deals with a large number of governance challenges ranging from infrastructure to teachers’ permanent appointments.

Allenvale School entrance

Allenvale is a well-established special school which strives to maintain an educational environment where each student can learn both academic and life skills to the best of their ability.

Governance decisions are made with the students’ interests as the central underlying consideration.

Allenvale staff and the school community have a common goal to achieve the best educational outcomes for our students and work together to achieve this through a collaborative, inclusive approach, focussing on achievable goals and aspirations.

Allenvale is an evolving school, and keenly trials new technologies and educational approaches to assess their value for our students, and adopt these where appropriate.

Our principal, staff and board will work to continue to keep our school at the forefront of special education within Canterbury, with inclusivitiy and optimum outcomes for our students being the mainstay of our thinking.

Parents’ Representatives

Jamie Gordon (Acting Chair)
Evan Kidd
Sam Carnahan
Glenn Busch

Principal (Acting)

Jenny Gosney

Staff Representative

Megan Gare