Toward Community Inclusion

ko te kura, ko te hāpori, ko tātou!

Our School

Allenvale School is part of the special education network provision for the Canterbury region.

Allenvale School provides education in a specialist setting with specialist trained teachers and therapists who are supported by competent teacher assistants.

The school has excellent resources. It has a history of effectively meeting the pastoral and academic needs of its students.

Our Programmes

Our school is an option for parents to consider if their child is verified to receive ORS (Ongoing Resourcing Scheme).

Flexible pathways are the key to meeting the needs of children and young persons with disability. These students may receive their education in several settings that may include specialist schools, satellite units, or mainstream and transition settings.

The programmes are designed to meet the needs of these young people while at the same time affording flexibility in placement.

Our Commitment

Our school has a commitment to raising the achievement of all students including our Māori students. Along with student achievement targets, we have a specific strategy for Māori student achievement.

Allenvale School has a progressive culture with a focus on continuous improvement.

We welcome your enquiry. Please contact the school directly for further information or to arrange an appointment to visit.

Keeping you informed

Allenvale School students

Holiday Calendar

For those of you who have children who may find the holidays and associated change of routines challenging, Michelle (one of our Speech Language Therapists) has created this visual holiday calendar for your use at home.  Please feel free to download it and use it if...

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Ashgrove Satellite

The  new learning block at Ashgrove School that includes the Allenvale School Satellite Unit was opened on Friday 10th March.It was a great event and demonstrated the very large 'welcome mat' that we have experienced from the principal, the staff and the board of...

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